Substrate Bag Mushroom Grow Guide

Substrate Bag Mushroom Grow Guide

Substrate Bag Mushroom Grow Guide

Oyster, Shiitake, Reishi, Lion’s Mane… Oh my! We sell a variety pre-inoculated substrate bags that make growing mushrooms at home easy and fun. Checkout our complete line of mushroom grow kits and follow the directions below to get them going.


1. Remove contents from box. Each kit contains a sterilized and pre-inoculated substrate bag and a humidity tent.

2. Cut a 4″ X into the substrate bag. This will expose the substrate to air and will be the location the mushrooms will flush.

3. Soak the substrate bag cut face down in a bowl of water overnight.

4. Place the container out of direct sunlight, in a well ventilated area that stays 72°-85°F for 7-21 days.


5. Keep block moist by misting with water at least x2 daily.

6. If you are in a dry setting, place inside provided tent.


7. In 1 to 3 weeks, mushrooms will start to fruit and develop.

8. Harvest when mushrooms are about 2-4” tall.


To encourage additional flushes, repeat steps 3-8.

Once exhausted, simply toss substrate into compost pile.

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