pH Test Paper Rolls – Wide Range 1.0-12.0


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Product Description


Wide range pH paper can be used to pH anything from media to casing layers.  15 foot roll provides enough paper for approximately 200 tests.


Easy to use:

1.  Cut off a small piece from roll using convenient dispenser

2.  Carefully dip into solution or drop a small amount of solution with a dropper.

3.  Immediately match to pH color chart on the side of the dispenser


Adjust pH of peat moss or coco coir (low pH 3.0-5.0) casing layer with lime (high pH) to a pH between 7.0-8.0.  For specific mid-range pH readings use Biological Range pH Paper.

Test your Kombucha to your ideal flavor. Tea will start at a pH around 7.0 and will incrementally drop to as low as 2.5 as acetic and lactic acid are produced.





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