TempMinder MRC510 Digital Thermometer and Humidity Gauge by TempMinder


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Product Description


TempMinder MRC510 digital thermometer and humidity gauge simultaneously displays indoor/outdoor temperature with memory, indoor humidity with memory. Has a 12/24 hour clock and requires one AAA battery (not included). Includes an attached three meter long wired probe for remote temperature reading (outdoor temp). Has min/max memory (since last cleared) for temperature and humidity, which is great for monitoring the extremes in mushroom incubation and fruiting chambers. The probe does not record outdoor humidity, so the gauge unit must be positioned in the chamber or location you wish to monitor humidity. We have found these to hold up reasonably well to prolonged exposure to humid environments. Displays in Centigrade or Fahrenheit as selected with a range of -50° C/-58° F to +70° C/159° F. Two inch display has a green backlight and it is tabletop or wall mountable.

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