Spawn Bags – Small Autoclavable Gusseted – 5 micron


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Microporous filter patch allows filtered gaseous air exchange. Ideal for semi-sterile spawn production including sawdust and straw. In many cases the bag can be used as a fruiting container.

Measures: 18″ high * 4″ wide * 3″ deep.

This small sized bag is ideal for those with limited sterilization space and preparation of small amounts of sterile substrate. These bags do well with 1-1.5 lb of grains or sawdust mixtures.

Higher vent 5 micron filter allows bags to be presealed before sterilization. Measures: 18″ high * 5.5″ wide * 4″ deep.

Bags now feature a thicker wall of 3mil, compared to other “standard” 2.5mil wall bags. Thicker bags require more material, and material costs are rising in all industries, but we will continue offering these bags as cheap as possible.

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