Pleurotus ostreatus : White Elm Mushroom – Spore Print


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Elm Oyster spore print is collected by placing a mushroom cap (grown indoors) on a piece of paper and allowing the discharged spores to collect on paper or aluminum foil and form a print. Prints can be used to grow mycelium on a sterile petri dishWhile we take every precaution to maintain sterility we cannot guarantee prints are completely free of contaminating organisms. 

Cultivation Difficulty: Easy
Type: Edible (Medicinal)
Substrate: Hardwood sawdust/chips, straw
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-75F/50-65F

Pleurotus ostreatus is an oyster-like mushroom with a superior flavor and meaty texture. It is easy to grow and very tasty.


As with all oyster mushrooms, this species is very sensitive to high CO2 levels. Without proper air exchange the mushrooms will grow with reduced caps and elongated stems. For best texture and flavor, harvest the mushrooms before the cap flattens out.


Create your own DIY home mushroom kit and use this culture in our Supplemented Sawdust Block w/ Rye Grain Pocket. Makes a great home or school science project!


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