Pleurotus eryngii : King Oyster Mushroom – 10cc liquid culture


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Cultivation Difficulty: moderate
Type: Edible
Substrate: Pasteurized straw, wood chips, sawdust, various grains, coffee grounds, agricultural waste, newspaper and cardboard.
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-75F/60-70F
Available In: 10cc liquid culture

King Oysters are very popular in Europe.  They are large mushrooms with tall thick bases.  Growing these mushrooms at home will allow for optimal harvesting when the mushrooms stems are still tender so that  the whole mushroom can be enjoyed.

Depending on substrate, light and temperature, king oysters will vary in coloration from white to pink and beigh. Generally, more intense light will produce a darker coloration.  As with all oyster mushrooms, king oysters need plenty of fresh air to develop normally. High carbon dioxide levels from mushroom metabolism will accumulate in sealed growing environments and can reduce cap size and elongate stems severely. Fruiting in open humidity chambers with frequent fresh air exchange will produce best possible yields.

Note: Culture supplied as living mycelium in solution in a sterile 10cc syringe with unattached 16 gauge needle. Culture can be stored under refrigeration for several months. Use to directly inoculate Sterilized Substrates and Media.

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