Plug Spawn Pack – Pioppino, Black Poplar Mushroom, Agrocybe aegerita – 100 plugs


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Pack of 100 plugs

What is mushroom plug spawn?

Mushroom plug spawn is spiral grooved hardwood dowels infused (inoculated) with a specific mushroom species, in this case pioppino mushroom (Agrocybe aegerita). The mushroom mycelium (the white, root-like network of cells) colonizes and penetrates the dowels as it consumes the lignins provided by the wood. These plugs are used to inoculate freshly cut hardwood logs, stumps, or rounds to create a fruiting mushroom colony that can produce mushrooms for many years! These colonies are commonly referred to as mushroom logs. After waiting approximately one year from inoculation, a well cared for log will produce mushrooms several times a year, for 3-5 years.

This is a sweet flavored mushroom that fruits readily from a variety of woods. Utilizing it in traditional plug spawn methods should provide years of great tasting harvests from this wonderful Italian mushroom.

Making mushroom logs

Use freshly cut hardwoods to inoculate stumps and logs with Pioppino mushroom plug spawn. Use approximately 25-50 plugs per 3 foot by 4-8 inch diameter log. Spring inoculated logs may yield first crops by fall, best fruiting will occur within one or two years. Plug size: 5/16in x 1in spiral grooved dowels.

Prepare inoculation sites by drilling 5/16in x 1 1/2in holes in a 4-6 inch spiraled spacing around presoaked logs or stumps. Hammer in plugs slightly below surface level to allow for capping with melted cheese wax to prevent drying of spawn. Stack or lean logs in shady location and do not allow to excessively dry. Dunk logs in bins of water to re-hydrate, or water with traditional sprinklers, misters, or soakers during dry spells. Expect spring/fall fruiting for years to come.

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