Ready to Grow Kit – Oyster Mushroom, Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus)


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Oyster mushrooms are some of the easiest mushrooms to cultivate at home. They grow on just about anything, and tend to do very well with a minimum amount of care and support. The pearl oyster mushroom produces spectacular specimens and is very easy to grow.

Each Ready-to-Grow mushroom block has been infused with pearl oyster mushroom culture and is ready to begin fruiting upon receipt. Produce tastey and healthy oyster mushrooms right on the kitchen counter! Kit includes basic humidity tent and oyster mushroom grow block instructions.

The oyster mushroom block will benefit from the “open” air environment of the supplied humidity tent. Growing this mushroom in an enclosed environment with infrequent or restricted fresh air exchange may result in abnormal mushroom growth.

Mushroom fruiting will begin within 1-2 weeks of initiating the kit per supplied instructions. Expect abundant and frequent harvests over the life of your block kit. Blocks will produce mushrooms over the course of 2-4 flushes for 1-2 months, depending on care.

Once your oyster mushrooms are finished producing, the spent oyster mushroom blocks may be used to spawn other growmediums with some success, including straw bales, wood chip piles, even cardboard and paper.

Much cooler than a chia-pet, you can eat your tasty, healthy harvests!

Pearl oyster mushroom spawn is also available in six pound blocks of colonized sawdust, which is best suited for inoculating pasteurized straw or other bulk fruiting substrates. You can also use the larger six pound sawdust blocks as an “upsized” ready to grow mushroom block, as they are essentially the same thing as this Ready to Grow Kit, only larger.

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