Omphalotus nidiformis : Ghost Fungus – culture in slant or petri dish


Product Description


Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate
Type: Novelty (not edible)
Substrate: variety of woods , grain, and agar formulas
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 65-80F/60-75F
Available In:Culture in slant or petri dish*

A mushroom that glows in the dark!

In nature, Ghost Fungus is found in Australia growing on logs and is shaped somewhat oyster mushroom.

The cultures are sold as a novelty only and do not produce edible or internally medicinal mushrooms.  Eating may result in vomiting which can last for hours.

The mycelium can be grown on a wide variety of wood, grains and agar formulas under a wide range of temperatures. Mushrooms grown on whole grains or grain flours typically do not develop normally and abort at a small size. Plug culture on logs or woodchip/sawdust blocks are recommended for observing normal fruiting.

Use this culture in our Supplemented Sawdust Blocks for an easy DYI glowing mushroom kit. Decently formed fruits are easy to obtain by removing the colonized substrate material from the bag and placing it in a humidity chamber or tent with increased air flow. Odds of fully developed fruits increases if you are able to keep colonized substrate block in an outdoor environment without drying or exposure to excessively cool/hot temps.

*Note: Culture supplied as living mycelium in a test tube slant or grown on sterile media in a petri dish. Culture can be stored under refrigeration for several months. Slants are best suited for long distance travel, international shipments, or long term culture storage. To ensure freshness of culture, slant requests are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and shipment. Please choose between Slant or Petri Dish below.

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