Morels by Michael Kuo (featuring photography by Mark Davis)


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Filled to the brim with information about the science and sport of finding, identifying, and savoring these world-renowned fungi, Morels is a far-ranging, reader-friendly book about one of America’s most popular and passionately pursued outdoor activities.

Author Michael Kuo brings years of morel-hunting experience to Morels, delivering detailed information in an engaging, readable style to seasoned morel hunters and beginners alike.

Morels includes extensive information on the art of hunting morels and on current scientific knowledge regarding these delectable fungi. In addition, Kuo compiles easy-to-understand information on the latest scientific resarch into morels, from studies into how they grow to DNA-based classification of species.

“Michael Kuo offers an engaging survey of a diverse group of fungi whose fruiting bodies are among the most prized edible mushrooms. Morels is a lavishly illustrated poem that will be relished by amateur and professional mycologists alike.”
— Nicholas P. Money, author of Mr. Bloomfields Orchard: They Mysterious World of Mushrooms, Molds, and Mycologists


  • Paperback: 228 pages
  • Publisher: University of Michigan Press (October 5, 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0472030361


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