Modern Mediterranean Cooking, by Elena Balashova


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From the book jacket:

Are you yearning to serve up meals that are great tasting, beautifully presented, and also healthy? Are you tantalized by the aroma of fresh herbs? Seduced by the mouthwatering flavors of classic Mediterranean foods? Then you’ll love the recipes in Modern Mediterranean Cooking, which recreate the delectable foods of the countries bordering the Mediterranean. Indeed, the “Mediterranean diet” is often recognized as the major reason these countries boast the lowest rates of chronic disease and the highest life expectancies in the world. Come take a tour through the region as you savor more than 200 flavorful and nutritious home-style dishes, such as paella, falafel, lamb kebab, and panna cotta!

Size:8.30″ l x 6.30″ w x 1.40″ h

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