Matsutake Mushrooms, Tricholoma magnivelare – .5oz pack


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World famous for its very distinct and hard to describe peppery-sweet odor. The pine mushroom, or matsutake, is highly prized in Japan. Use in soups, grilled, or over rice, the cinnamon-pine spice aroma is a complement to any wild mushroom dish

Rehydrate dried mushrooms in warm water for 20 minutes. Retain the broth for use in your recipe, or freeze for storage.

Sample Recipe:

Matsutake Mushrooms with Rice:

2-1/2 cups Short Grain Rice
2-2/3 cups water (with pinch of dashi or chicken broth for flavor)
2 medium size (7 oz.) Matsutake
2 tbsp. sake (rice wine)
2 tbsp. soy sauce

Rinse matsutake mushrooms well, cut and discard the bottom portion. Slice the stems lengthwise into 2 pieces, then slice both the cap and stem into small pieces. Cook rice with the mixture of water (or mushroom broth if using dried mushrooms), sake, and soy sauce. While rice is cooking, there will be a lot of steam-before steaming stops, place cleaned and sliced matsutake on top of rice and quickly cover. Allow rice to continue steaming and do not mix ingredients until rice has finished cooking.

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