Sawdust Spawn Block – Maitake, Hen of the Woods Mushroom (Grifola frondosa)

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Priced per bag. Bulk Pricing available and automatically applied in cart: 4+ = $20.00ea

Approximately 2.5kg block of supplemented sawdust colonized with Maitake, Hen of the Woods (Grifola frondosa).

Sawdust spawn can be used an an economical way to make your own mushroom logs. Having a sawdust spawn palm inoculator will make this a lot easier, unfortunately we do not offer that tool at this time, but we’re working on getting them in! (Email us and we’ll tell you where to get one). By using the palm inoculator you’ll be taking small “plugs” of sawdust out of the block. You then sett the tube of the inoculator over your drilled hole, smack the end of it to force the plug of sawdust into the hole, and then cover and seal with wax. You can do this by hand, of course, or with cruder implements if need be. The important thing is to cram the sawdust into the drilled hole and then cover and seal with cheese wax.

Maitake is a large polypore mushrooms with clusters of overlapping brownish-gray fan shaped caps attached to a common base with short tough stems. It is widely regarded as a choice edible and is described as having a wide range of medicinal properties. The flesh is fairly fibrous but becomes tender with long slow cooking. The undersides of the mushroom’s caps are white and composed of tiny pores instead of the plate-like gills seen in more typical mushrooms.

Maitake has been extensively studied for its medicinal properties in Japan, China and the U.S. Reportedly demonstrating antiviral and anti-tumor activity and other immune system boosting properties. Check out some of the titles in our Mushroom Bookstore for more information on medicinal mushrooms and their benefits.

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