Kombucha Rediscovered: A Guide to the Medicinal Benefits of an Ancient Healing Tea by Klaus Kaufmann, DSc


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From the Publisher Alive Books:

A chronicle of experiences and experiments,and thoroughly researched, this small book includes an assortment of advice and trivia, historical information, and personal anecdotes. Most important, it provides a thoughtful, practical guide to the preparation and healing benefits of this ancient and invigorating drink.

Worldwide testimonials ascribe to Kombucha tea the ability to relieve arthritis, acne, psoriasis, constipation, diarrhea, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Klaus Kaufmann is a writer, lecturer and holistic health consultant. He has been researching and promoting natural methods of achieving wellness for over twenty years and publishing countless articles and books. He is also the author of The Joy of Juice Fasting, and Silica the Amazing Gel.

ISBN: 9780920470640
Page Count: 96
Publication Year: 1995
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