Grifola frondosa : Tennessee Hen of the Woods – culture in slant or petri dish


Product Description


Cultivation Difficulty: Difficult
Type: Edible/Medicinal
Substrate: Hardwood sawdust and chips supplemented with bran
Colonization/Fruiting Temperatures: 70-75F/50-65F
Supplied as:Culture in slant or petri dish*

Hen of the Woods is a large polypore mushrooms with clusters of overlapping brownish-gray fan shaped caps attached to a common base with short tough stems. It is widely regarded as a choice edible and is described as having a wide range of medicinal properties. The flesh is fairly fibrous but becomes tender with long slow cooking. The undersides of the mushroom’s caps are white and composed of tiny pores instead of the plate-like gills seen in more typical mushrooms.

In addition to the culture we also have Maitake Mushrooms available in Dried Retail Packs, as well as dried for Bulk Purchase. Maitake Mushroom plug spawn is also available for those wishing to explore log farming with this mushroom.

The culture offered here was cloned from a specimen collected in our Southern Mountains near Knoxville, Tennessee.

*Note: Culture supplied as living mycelium in a test tube slant or grown on sterile media in a petri dish. Culture can be stored under refrigeration for several months. Slants are best suited for long distance travel, international shipments, or long term culture storage. To ensure freshness of culture, slant and plate requests are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for processing and shipment. Please choose between Slant or Petri Dish below.

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