Calcium Sulfate – 3lb


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Calcium Sulfate – agricultural grade – a.k.a. Gypsum.


Studies by Raaska 1990 and Thongsook and Kongbangkerd 2011 showed calcium sulfate supplements of less than 5% w/w increased mushroom growth.

Raaska, L. (1990). “The growth and productivity of six shiitake lentinula-edodes strains of supplemented sawdust medium.” Material und Organismen (Berlin)25(1): 47-62.

Thongsook, T. and T. Kongbangkerd (2011). “Influence of calcium and silicon supplementation into Pleurotus ostreatus substrates on quality of fresh and canned mushrooms.” Food Sci Technol Int17(4): 351-365.

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