Agar Culturing Kit – Basic


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Now you can buy all the basic components to begin agar culturing in one easy kit! This kit is designed to be easy on the budget while still getting you everything you need to get started in agar culturing. Now includes two packs of four pre-poured MEA-Light petri dishes. That’s a total of eight malt extra agar petris, ready for inoculation, shipped vaccumed packed from our sterile lab. Save $10 on these items if purchased individually!

Basic Kit includes the following:

NOTE: Product contains no culture or tissue material

Note: These are shipped seasonally cause of the pre-poured petri dishes, we will no longer ship these July – October and Possibly November depending on the weather temperatures that season of the year. We will sale them in the store front if you would like to come to our store to buy them. 


Note to International customers: due to increased exposure and potential of longer transit times, we can not extend our standard replacement guarantee to customers receiving this product outside the USA. You may still place an order for and receive this product, but you will receive it “as is,” without claim to replacement material should you experience contamination or failure.

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