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We're hiring, straw workshops, and better bargain deal pages for cheapo mycelium!


Whew, there's a lot going on! We'll start with the most important part. We're hiring! Business is mushrooming, and we need some help. We have a very specific need in mind, and are looking for someone who has the stuff to become a key player in our operation.

We are seeking interesting and enthusiastic folks who enjoy mushrooms and working with the public. This is a full-time customer service management and sales position. Experience or familiarity with mushroom gardening and cultivation is a plus, but not mandatory. Saturday availability required. The position is designed to provide paid, on-the-job training for a 90 day evaluation period, after which qualified candidates will be offered increased responsibilities and benefits as a full time member of our staff.

Job responsibilities will include:

  • Engaging retail and wholesale customers through local show room sales, internet, and phone ordering support

  • Use of ecommerce system to property track and participate in order processing for customers

  • Management of retail show room, product stocking, and inventory tracking

  • Participate in mushroom cultivation and gardening projects

  • Engage in local and online marketing opportunities to increase product and service exposure

Previous or current experience in customer service, sales, marketing, advertising, or retail is beneficial. Applicants should be comfortable with basic internet technologies, familiar with social media, and be comfortable in a retail sales environment. We are seeking hard working, self-motivated, independent thinkers who work well with others and can operate productively in a dynamic work environment.

We are accepting resumes at 1004 Sevier Ave, 37920 or via email to bob@everythingmushrooms.com until 5pm Friday, February 7. Please supply a resume, interest letter, or other supporting documents showcasing your unique skills.


Last week we posted an announcement regarding our January Spawn Sale. It's a great idea, because we have some aging spawn that needs to be sold... but we thought about a better way to execute this and came up with something a little different. We need a way to sell material that is moving on towards expiration, separate from our current fresh inventory... thing is, we will generally always have at least a few things that need to be sold this fashion. The solution... bargain deal pages for each of our spawn products! You'll now see a Bargain Overstock Deals Page in each of our major Grow Your Own Mushrooms product categories. Each of these pages will list the spawn or material available. Generally there will not be much listed, and pickings will be slim but when things are available, you'll be able to pick up perfectly good stuff for a good discount. Just use it soon, ok? These pages will be updated regularly as material flows through our facility, so new stuff may show up week to week. Be sure to check back regularly.

We're also kicking off our spring workshop series on Thursday February 6 with a time tested classic: Growing Oyster Mushrooms From Straw. This is a casual and fun, hands-on workshop. Each student will get the opportunity to make and take home their own fruiting oyster mushroom straw column. We'll talk a lot about growing mushrooms from straw, tour our demonstration garden, and have a good time! Cost is $35 per student and space is limited so please purchase tickets in advance. More workshops and classes will be posted soon, so be sure to check our Workshops and Events page for more info on what we're doing, and where we will be doing it.