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Our Newsletter

We're expanding showroom hours, new guy Ryan, and fun times at the Mushroom Shop.


We're officially open every day 'cept Sunday! This week marked the beginning of expanded hours at our Knoxville showroom; now open noon - 6pm Monday through Friday, and noon - 4pm on Saturdays. We've long had the showroom closed on Mondays, and even more recently on Tuesdays... generally using this time to catchup from weekend Internet orders, or as project days to work on new material, etc. However recently we've noticed more and more folks stopping by anyway, and we figured it is probably a better idea for us to be ready for y'all and have some bright smiling folks on staff to assist you in your mushroom endeavors.

This brings us to Ryan. New guy Ryan is the most recent addition to our staff, taking on customer service responsibilities early in the week, and some lab related tasks (cough, cough), chores later in the week. You'll also likely see him here on Saturdays, when Jessica is either at Market, or working her culinary magicks at Organicism Farms and Foods. Here is Ryan, make him welcome. He's a mellow guy, with a great attitude and is enthusiastic about growing mushrooms. Ryan's been working with a variety of mushrooms for a while now, so he has some great insight to share and can assist with just about anything we have going on here...


We're also expanding good times for everyone at the Mushroom Shop. This past weekend we hosted our first Spring Open House, which featured a workshop on growing oyster mushrooms from straw, and a fantastic dinner prepared by Jessica. We opened our doors at noon on Saturday and saw a good number of folks throughout the day! Jessica prepared some tasty snacks, including smoked shiitakes stuffed with savory blue cheese granola, mushroom pate with crispy crostinis and freshly picked green onions, and goat cheese, caramelized onion, and mixed mushroom flatbread.

At 4pm we closed shop and moved to our warehouse where Bob held a workshop for about a dozen students, detailing the steps and processes involved in growing oyster mushrooms from pasteurized straw. The 55 gallon drum was filled and fired up, straw was soaked and drained, and students filled and prepared their own oyster mushroom grow bag to take home.

straw-workshop-04.06.13-01.jpg straw-workshop-04.06.13-2-l.jpg


After the workshop, Jessica prepared a fantastic dinner, serving: greens and sprouts salad with porcini vinaigrette, freshly baked, locally fermented molasses sourdough with truffle salt oil, and mushroom and arugula lasagna with homemade porcini noodles and a black morel cream sauce. For dessert, a wonderful chaga-honey ice cream!

We are hoping to do these combination type events at least two or three times a year so please stay in touch, sign up for our email announcement list, follow us on facebook, or check our workshop and events announcement page for more details. We're expecting to announce one last shiitake mushroom log workshop this spring, likely for sometime in early May.