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Sterilized Rye Mushroom Grow Bag Instructions

The Sterilized Rye Mushroom Grow Bag is an essential tool for the propogation of mushroom spawn. The self-healing injection site allows for simplified sterile inoculation in the home or hobbyist mushroom lab. The rye has been soaked to allow endospore bloom and sterilized. Each bag is prepared to order and shipped fresh. We highly recommend using this product as quickly as possible, as the rye is not shelf stable and will become compromised with age.

So enough of the science talk... on to making mushroom spawn:

  1. Upon receipt, please look over your bag to ensure it has not been compromised in shipping. The bag should be intact with no holes or punctures. The rye will "appear dry," however it has been soaked and cooked to maximum water content without exploding the grains... trust us on this (we use a lot of these).
  2. Unroll the excess plastic from around the bag and allow it to stand upright. DO NOT alter, tear away, or remove any portion of the attached white filter patch or the plastic shroud covering the injection site. These must remain intact to function properly.
  3. With an acohol soaked towelette, wipe the outside of the plastic shroud covering the round, black self-healing injectino site.
  4. Inoculate through the plastic shroud, foam disc and directly into the center of the bag. All you need is 2-5cc of good solution, any more than 10cc and it might upset the moisture balance of the bag.
  5. Remove needle, label your bag and place it in incubation at species specific temperature (most mushrooms do alright at 80-85F).
  6. Depending on the culture used, within 10 days-8 weeks you should see the first signs of mycelium growth and your bag may also begin slowly filling up with air.
  7. When mycelium is golfball sized or larger you can gently break it up by massaging the bag to mix the colonizing kernals of rye into the uncolonized portions of rye. Allow the grains to resettle in the bottom of the bag as originally shipped. Mixing once will help speed colonization rapidly. Mixing multiple times may delay growth and multiply potential infections.
  8. Your spawn is ready to use only when it has reached 100% colonization. This can take 4-8 weeks depending on mushroom species.

rye-berry-injector-bag-3lb.-l.jpgRye spawn is excellent for inoculating other bulk media such as enriched sawdust, pasteurized straw, compost and manure. Many mushrooms can even be fruited directly from the rye grain.
Any sign of green or black molds indicates infection and the bag should be discarded. "Wet spot" bacteria is a common infection in rye and would be indicated by grain that has a wet and slimey appearance with strong ammonia-like odor coming from the filter patch. Pre-sterilized products, ready-to-grow kits, grain and plug spawn are all guaranteed sterile for 30 days after receipt of purchase. Should you find any of these products unclean or contaminated please contact us and we will make arrangements for replacement.
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