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Spring open house and dinner April 6th, more from Cathy on mushroom plugs, and fresh chunky chaga.


We are fully into log plugging season! Cathy has been busy in the lab staying ahead with culture and spawn production, keeping fresh plugs and sawdust rolling out as often as possible. Despite long days in front of the laminar hood, she's also managed to kick out one helluva blog post, tackling many of the questions we receive including when is the best time to plug logs, and other nitty-gritty on mushroom log cultivation.


We are updating inventory on a weekly basis, adding fresh spawn as it becomes available from the incubator. The inventory you see listed online represents our real-time, shippable supply of spawn or culture. Some varieties have been selling out on a weekly basis, and as a result we recalculate future runs based on increasing or seasonal demand. Please check back with us frequently, as many of these selections will be back online and should remain so as production is adjusted. We greatly appreciate your patience!

We do have these neat little "single log packs" of mushroom plugs that were made up for a few early season expos. This isn't a normal inventory item, and we don't see ourselves doing more of these in the future unless it is for more trade show type things. These are a great way to plug a log on the cheap, or they make very excellent and seasonally appropriate gifts! Supplies are limited and they are currently only available for shiitake, blue oyster, and king oyster mushrooms.

We're very excited to announce our Spring Open House and Dinner for Saturday April 6th! Activities begin in the afternoon and will include discussions on mushrooms in your garden, a hands-on workshop demonstrating how to grow oyster mushrooms from straw, and a tour of our demonstration garden. We will wrap up the evening with a delightful dinner prepared by Jessica Hammonds from Organicism Farms and Foods. Everyone is invited to come on down for the Open House, however workshop space and dinner seating is limited and will require advance purchase of a ticket, $40 per person. More details to be announced shortly!

straw-spawning-l.jpg bluestraw1.jpg

There have also been a good number of additions to the catalog since our last update. We're expanding our bookstore to carry some new titles, including The Sibley Guide to Trees. SO, what do trees have to do with mushrooms... pretty much everything when it comes to foraging for wild mushrooms. Knowledge of tree species, including winter identification is a great way to hone your mushroom locating skills. The Sibley guide is fantastic, with great illustrations. We've also added a fun new children's title, Theodore and the Talking Mushroom.

sibley-guide-to-trees-65869.1361219064.1280.1280.jpg theodore-and-the-talking-mushroom-81295.1361220519.1280.1280.jpg


If you follow our blog or updates, you've probably noticed some recent gushings about chaga mushroom. We love our chaga 'round here. We keep a tea brewing in our slow cooker just about all the time. It is always "on tap" for folks that stop by our retail store, so if you are curious about it, stop on by! It's a wonderful warm beverage on these cool late winter days! While we've had ground chaga available for a short time, we recently started carrying chunk form chaga supplied by sustainable domestic foragers. (In this case from Minnesota). These chunks are just the right size to make it is easier for us to portion out, so we are able to offer chunk chaga in approxomately 2oz portions for $6. Mix the chunks with desired amount of water in slow cooker and set to "keep warm." Using fresh chunks, you will have strong tea within 6-8 hours. Using a slightly hotter "low" setting (silly, we know)... you can cut the brew time down a bit. The more water you start with, the longer it will take to get up to strength. The chunks can be left in the slow cooker with the water, and reheated each day. The longer the chunks sit under heated or warm water, the stronger the brew.

At the mushroom shop, we keep a large, 8-quart slow cooker on the "keep warm" setting all day, topping off the consumed liquid and turning off the heat each evening before we leave. We often add as much as 8-10 new cups of fresh water on a daily basis, Monday through Friday, and we still find our chaga chunks to be producing a flavorful tea after 10 days. The tea becomes weaker, usually after about 2 weeks. Your milage may vary, but you get the picture. The chunks can be used over and over until they are too weak to satisfy. You'll get many quarts of yummy tea from your $6 bag of chaga chunks!