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Vegetarian Appetizers and Sides


Dried mushroom pâté : a gluten free vegan appetizer

- posted December 12, 2012 

If you need a flavorful and healthy dish, mushrooms are the answer! High in protein, vitamins and minerals mushrooms will satisfy appetites without the heavy calories. I made this pâté with both shiitake and morel mushrooms. Friends and family liked both versions but the strong earthy flavor of the shiitakes is more reminiscent of traditional liver pâté. All the same, I believe this pâté recipe can be adapted to almost any edible dried mushrooms... Click for More 


Shiitake macaroni and cheese - fondu style

-posted November 9, 2012 

The weather has turned cold in Knoxville which puts me in the mood to make comfort food. My husband soaked our shiitake logs last week and we had beautiful harvest of shiitakes for me to play with.  The fondu twist to tradional mac and cheese comes by adding Gruyere and Swiss Cheese, white wine, a dash of nutmeg and cherry brandy... Click for More


Oyster mushroom and arugula risotto

- posted September 16, 2013


Ok, people.  So, today we are going to talk about cooking something that is a little intimidating for a lot of folks.  For years, television chefs have been informing home cooks that this dish is “NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ON YOUR OWN!  Give up now!  Come to our restaurants and spend loads of money for a plate of this!”  What am I talking about, you wonder?  I’m talking about RISOTTO!  Not only that, but mushroom risotto!  Have I lost you yet?...Click for More


Ratatouille with lion's mane mushroom

- posted August 19, 2013


It is that time of the year again. All the garden work has turned into a bounty of tomatoes and squash. When I'm planting in the spring I start to crave this peak season, when I have time to unwind in the kitchen and make a delicious ratatouille. In the last few years, the craving for summer flavors has expanded to include lion's mane mushrooms. They have a flavor and texture reminiscent of lobster and they grow well in the summer heat. They add the perfect hint of seafood which brings layer of flavor much more complex and interesting than the few anchovies included in some ratatouille recipes... Click for More


Braised porcini


This fast, flavorful dish makes a great side. It is also delicious on top of crispy crostinis as an appetizer!...Click for More 


Ritz crackers & parmesan cheese breaded morels


Every year we here at the shop eagerly await April when the fresh morels start showing up, and we get to make this tasty treat! Easy and absolutely delicious, this is a great appetizer recipe. Serve warm and watch them quickly disappear!...Click for More


Sautéed morels with cream


When made with morel mushrooms this is BY FAR one of our favorite mushroom dishes. Serve this cream sauce over a rare strip steak or with pasta and you will make friends for life! Also works well with sliced porcini mushrooms...Click for More


Main Dishes


Gnocchi with grilled scallops and chanterelles

- posted September 17, 2014


Whoa, did this summer ever fly! It shocks me sometimes to realize how quickly time can go by, but even more shocking was my realization that chanterelle season was almost over, and I HADN’T EATEN ANY! Well, let me tell you, that fact chilled me to my very bones. Fortunately, a local forager, who must have psychically tuned into my lack-of-chanterelle-blues, brought us a late season batch of these apricot colored beauties.... Click for More


Wild chanterelles and cream over pappardelle

- posted July 9, 2013


Oh, the chanterelle mushroom.  Is there a more beautiful wild mushroom in existence?  With their stunning apricot colored skin accompanied by the smell of the forest floor, they are truly divine creatures.  But enough waxing poetic, already.  Chanterelle season is HERE!  NOW!  And if you are a mushroom lover like me, this is very exciting news!  I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of these freshly picked beauties the other day, and I could not wait to get cooking... Click for More


Porcini chicken


The earthiness of dried porcini mushrooms perfectly compliment the chicken in this popular recipe. Serve with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes...Click for More


Vegetarian Main Dishes


Creamy porcini lasagna

- posted February 6, 2014


Occasionally, there are a few things about winter that make me sad. For one, it’s cold. Then there’s the lack of sunlight and the shorter days. And finally, it can be tricky to find good, fresh mushrooms to cook with. Fortunately, in my times of winter sadness I just remember a recipe that solves all of my problems! Well, sort of.

Say hello to Creamy Porcini Lasagna! It’s warm and delicious, it’s made using readily available dried porcinis, which are simply delicious when rehydrated, and those mushrooms are chock full of vitamin D, usually derived from sunlight, which will help beat those winter blues any day! This recipe also utilizes freshly picked tomatoes from our local hydroponic farm and fresh kale grown in high tunnels for a taste of warmer days. See? Magic!...Click for More


Italian pepperoni rolls with mushrooms - sans pepperoni

- posted February 8, 2013 


Had a surprise winter bumper crop of phoenix oyster mushrooms. Nothing makes me happier than spending a cold winter morning cooking up a mushroom feast. I started with a variation of a family favorite-stuffed bread rolls.

Pepperoni rolls were a lunch favorite of Italian coal miners in northern Appalachia. Rolled pepperoni breads were a hearty lunch that didn't need refrigeration. They are tightly packed which made them easy to carry around during a hard days work. This recipe replaces the pepperoni with protein rich mushrooms to make a satisfying and delicious bread roll... Click for More


Faux Polish porcini Christmas Eve soup (vegetarian or vegan - gluten free)

- posted December 6, 2013


This past summer an old friend from Pittsburgh told me about her Polish Christmas Eve tradition - Mushroom Soup. The mushroom soup is part of a several course meatless meal called a Wigilia. Also served are perogies, sauerkraut and other traditional polish foods. Her family’s mushroom soup was described as a dark broth rendered from the soaking of boletes overnight. A quick search found oodles of Polish Christmas Eve recipes and traditions available on the web. The mushroom soup can contain barley (zupa grzubowa z kluski), egg noodles and cream (zupa grzybowa) clear mushroom soup (czysta zupa grzybowa) or country style sour with potatoes (zupa grzybowa po wiejsku) to name a few. Since so many recipes with fun polish names are available (and I'm not polish), I decided to stray a little from the traditional. This recipe is for a porcini mushroom soup with rice. In honor of my husband who loved cream of mushroom soup with rice that was often made when he was backpacking with the boy scouts...Click for More


Scrambled eggs with lobster mushroom hash


The flavor and color of the lobster mushroom really amp up this hash. Great for breakfast, hearty enough for dinner!...Click for More