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Oyster Mushroom Grow Block Kit Instructions

Oyster Mushroom Grow Block Kit 

Congratulations, you are now the owner of an Oyster Mushroom Grow Block. The “block” is composed of mainly of hardwood sawdust and wood chips bound together with mushroom tissue or “mycelium” contained in a plastic bag. Mycelium is the white fluffy material covering the outside of the block. It is very delicate and you should avoid touching it as much as possible. When moving the block, hold onto the top and bottom to minimize damage.


When you receive your block, you may notice the presence of small mushrooms, either on the surface of the block, or straining against the plastic of the bag. This indicates your block is ready to fruit! Before you begin, open the bag at the top and remove any immature or mal-formed mushrooms from the block's surface (this pre-emergence is normal for especially aggressive oyster mushroom species). If you wish to delay the fruiting for a few days, place the block in the refrigerator without opening the bag.




  1. Carefully remove mushroom spawn block and humidity tent from the box.  Discard the box.

  2. Cut a 1-inch "X" into the bag on one or all four sides, just above the block.  Mushrooms will fruit at every "X" cut on the bag.

  3. With the humidity tent sideways, place the block inside.  Mist the inside of the tent and each "X" cut into the bag.  Fold and close the tent with a binder clip.  The humidity tent prevents rapid drying that will stunt and prevent mushroom growth. 

  4. Locate a place where your block will receive indirect sunlight, and maintain temperatures between 60-80 degrees F.

  5. The block MUST be misted twice daily with non-chlorinated water, and thoroughly mist the inside of the humidity tent as well.

  6. The oyster block will take 3-6 weeks before you see mushrooms!  Maintaining consistent misting and temperatures is crucial for growth.


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