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New oyster mushroom kits, garden progress, and price increases


phoenix-oyster-01.jpgWe're happy to now include phoenix oyster mushroom (Pleurotus pulmonarius) as part of our Ready to Grow mushroom kit lineup. Like the other two oysters we offer, this is an aggressive fruiter, producing clusters of brown to tan mushrooms. Fruits abundantly and is very forgiving. Give it plenty of fresh air, keep the humidity high and you'll be sitting on a pile of tasty phoenix oyster mushrooms! Phoenix oyster is also available as 6lb blocks of sawdust spawn for those wanting to move it onto other bulk fruiting substrates. These 6lb blocks also work great as large fruiting blocks.

north-bed-04.30.jpgWork continues on our demonstration garden. It's likely you'll see a link pop up in the navigation menu on the left hand part of your screen. This will contain a link to information about our garden and the projects ongoing. The veggies and ornamentals seem to be doing well. With little rain the last week, we've begun watering daily and are updating our irrigation system for drip and spray emitters. Blocks of mushroom spawn are getting ready in the incubator and we hope to be planting maitake, king stropharia,  and black poplar mushroom patches shortly.

And lastly, a bit of unpleasant news... we've experienced a round of price increases, primarily with our lab supply products. We generally see these annually, but have been ordering in quantities that have helped us avoid being too reactive to rising supplier costs. We held out as long as we could, but some of our basic lab staples are jumping up a little. If you notice some things are a few bucks more, this is why... primarily hit are the nalgene erlenmeyer flasks as well as the larger agar culturing kits. We will continue to keep prices as low as possible for as long as possible on many of these items.