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New items on the shelves!


shiitake-09.24.12.jpegTemperatures are falling and we've been blessed with some shiitake log soaking rains recently! Fall is fully on and we're watching as the leaves slowly start to change. Two days of record rainfall brought us a nice fall crop of shiitakes from our stacks. The long, and relatively mild growing season this year has blessed us with ample mushroom harvests. If you have logs out, and are getting frequent rain... be sure to check on them from time to time! Even in the cooler temps, the shiitakes can be fairly fast growing and it is easy to miss them without weekly log inspection!

mushroom-box-medium-2-l.jpgWe're excited to bring some new products into the store as we continue expanding our selection of crafts, books, and other mushroom gardening and foraging gear. We have some woderful friends who run a store in Charleston, SC that specialize in wood puzzles, games, boxes, and gifts. The place is called Turle Creek, and they have a beautiful retail store on North Market Street, and setup daily in the Charleston city market. Steve, puzzle box guy extraordinaire, recently turned me onto these neat little slide top secret wood boxes made by Heartwood Creations in Rockford, IL. Heartwood does a variety of these boxes with wonderful inlays, carvings, patterns, etc. Heartwood also just so happens to have a neat laser engraved mushroom scene secret box that they dug out of the archives. Not sure you can find these in many places, but we placed our order and are now stocking these boxes in four sizes, with two selections of wood. The small sized box is pretty tiny, maybe like a vitamin or pill box. The x-large still fits in the palm of your hand and has enough depth and volume to hold something about the size of a tube of lipstick. The small, medium, and x-large are available in padauk (an African rosewood) or cherry. The large box is available in padauk or teak.

The bookstore has found a new titles on the shelf. We have two new wonderful cookbooks to mention. The first, The Wild Table, Seasonal Foraged Food and Recipes, by Connie Green and Sarah Scott, is an amazing selection of recipes and information about commonly foraged food. This book belongs on the shelf of anyone who loves to gather wild food... mushrooms and much, much more. Mushrooms are also king in Mediterranean cuisine, and for that reason we found an excellent cookbook featuring mushroom in many recipes: Modern Mediterranean Cooking, by Elena Balashova. Be sure to check out both of these titles, and the many more finding their way to our shelves.