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Mushroom plug spawn: how to drill and plug mushroom logs

Making mushroom logs is easy. Fresh ingredients are important. Ensure your mushroom plug spawn is fresh, and always use recently harvested disease free hardwood. Do not use wood that has been on the ground for an extended time.

Preferred woods include, but are not limited to: white oak, red oak, poplar, maple, alder, etc. Avoid evergreen hardwoods (live oak) and evergreen conifers (fir, cedar, pine, etc.).

Logs should 4 to 6 inches in diameter, 2-3 feet in length. Keep the bark intact.

Using a 5/16in drill bit, drill holes 2 inches deep along the log, spaced 4-5 inches apart, 4-5 rows will be needed per log.

Hammer plugs into holes, then set 1/4in below the bark with a punch. This creates a cavity to receive the wax seal.

Cover holes with melted cheese wax to protect plugs. Some growers also elect to cover the exposed ends of the logs with wax, but this may not be necessary.

Place logs in a shaded location, outdoors where rain can be received. Avoid direct contact with soil. Water periodically by overnight soaking during periods of prolonged drought or dryness.

Expect mushrooms within one year, total productive life of log can be 4-6 years.

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