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Much brewing this fall: golden oysters, tinder fungus hats and bags, Everything Mushrooms tumblr, more yumminess from Jessica, plus an updated workshop schedule.


Quite a lot has been brewing at Everything Mushrooms. Fall is always a busy time of year for us, usually following a slow spell in the late summer. We have wholesale orders to fill as folks take advantage of the slightly cooler temps to work with a variety of mushrooms. Many of our summer projects start to bare fruit, so it's generally an exciting time for us as new stuff makes its way to our website, or is available for pickup at our showroom in Knoxville. Speaking of neat projects and the demo garden... here's a couple of things baring fruit:

gold-oyster-02-l.jpg lions-mane-09.23.13.jpg

That's right... golden oyster mushrooms, Pleurotus citrinopileatus, are now available in a variety of forms... everything from tissue cultures to sawdust spawn and mushroom plugs. We also have small, ready to grow mushroom kits available. This is a neat mushroom, although it's not our favorite in terms of flavor. One of our favorites however, is the toothy fungi on the right.. lion's mane! We love this mushroom. It's great for your noggin, and tastes kind of like shellfish or lobster when cooked in butter. It's also super easy to grow. We have both large sawdust blocks, and small ready to grow mushroom kits available.

We've also been working with Mako Csaba, a tinder fungus craftsman from Korond Romania, to import some of his fine mushroom caps and bags. He makes these incredibly neat hats, caps, and bags out of amadou. Amadou is the soft fibers of Fomes fomentarius (tinder fungus), used by ancient people as tinder to light fires. It is highly flammable and catches sparks well. The whole mushroom was often used as a smoldering coal to transport fire. The hats and bags are all uniquely handmade, so please allow for some variations. We currently have amadou hats and small bags available.

 amadou-hat-model-02-l.jpg amadou-hat-01-l.jpg

Of all the social media interactions we maintain, including Facebook and Twitter... I gotta say that I am most excited about the addition of the Everything Mushrooms Tumblr (everythingmushrooms.tumblr.com). Our tumblr page is managed in house by dedicated fungi net junkies... you're getting nothing but top notch premium mushroom exposure. Check it out... if you don't currently tumblr, it's worth joining just to check out this page from time to time. Lots of neat pictures, some of our own stuff, mostly other people's stuff... but still lots of NEAT stuff. All stuff about mushrooms: the Everything Mushrooms Tumblr.

We've had a mess of oyster mushrooms this summer. Our wet, mostly mild weather has been very productive in the grow house. We've had a lot of time to play with oysters in the kitchen and Jessica brings us a fresh oyster mushroom recipe. She attacks an intimidating subject for a lot of home gourmets, risotto. It's not that hard, so check out her most recent Jessica's Kitchen Culture addition: oyster mushrooms and arugula risotto

 oyster.jpg ricemush.jpg ricepesto.jpg

We've also updated our workshop schedule, focusing on filling our calendar for the rest of the year. It's our hope to have regular Thursday evening classes and workshops, generally from 6-8pm, covering a variety of topics. These will include hands on mushroom cultivation, identification, cooking demos and tastings, and much more. Check the workshop and events page frequently as we'll be updating with new classes as details solidify. Our first Fall workshop on Thursday October 10 will cover growing oyster mushrooms from prepared strawWe'll cover all the steps; from selecting straw, to chopping, pasteurization and spawning. We'll also discuss care and maintenance of the mushroom harvests and tour our demonstration garden and grow house. Each workshop participant will make and take home their own oyster mushroom straw column bag ($25 value!). We are many ways this process can be adapted for easy home gardening, come join us and learn how! Space is limited, $35 per student - click here to purchase tickets online and reserve your spot.

straw-workshop-04.06.13-2-l.jpg blue-oyster-straw-08.jpg