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May mushrooms, milky, and more!


shiitake01.05.21.jpgMay has been a busy month at Everything Mushrooms. We're busy interviewing for additional staff, our garden is thriving, and spawn has been flowing... you could say business is mushrooming! Generally things are a bit slower for us during the month of June. The heat takes its toll on mushrooms, but many gardeners and growers around the country have devised creative solutions for keeping things growing, even during the 90F+ days. 

The first week of June finds us traveling to the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester Tennessee. We will be teaching several workshops at the Planetroo Academy, including mushroom log gardening on Friday June 8th at 10am, and a tutorial on kombucha tea preparation and care at 10am on Saturday June 10am. These are hands-on workshops with take away goodies and guided instruction. Hope to see some of you there!

Work also continues in the demonstration garden. Irrigation is installed and on a timer. The tomato plants in the north bed are thriving. Our peppers in the north planter are showing. Mushroom spawn blocks for maitake mushroom, black poplar, and king stropharia are all working in our incubator, anxiously awaiting planting in the raised bed soil. We'll soon be restacking our mushroom logs and making way for outdoor mushroom greenhouses. Check in with us frequently to follow their installation.

May has been fairly dry, but we had a good soaker about mid-month, which led to a nice spring shiitake crop. We're always excited to find mushrooms popping from the logs, discovering this most recent batch "just in time" as we came into work one Monday morning. More recently, May has also been a scortcher, with several days already over 90F here in the Tennessee Valley. Imagine our surprise to come in to find a few shiitake's popping off after an especially hot Memorial Day weekend. This is one awesome mushroom!

milky01.05.25.jpgEverything Mushrooms is constantly experimenting with new and interesting mushroom kits for the home gardener. We especially like kits that require very little care or upkeep. For these warm summer months, we thought to give the milky mushroom a try. Preliminary tests have been very successful and we hope to bring this excotic Indian mushroom to market very soon. It will have limited seasonal availability as this mushroom will suffer in cooler temps. We also plan to make culture of Calocybe indica available, likely on petri dish or as slants.

Please check in with us frequently over the next few weeks. Exciting new items will be released, including some biolumenescent mushroom kits!