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Maitake Mushroom Grow Block Kit Instructions

Maitake Mushroom Grow Block Kit Instructions

Congratulations, you are now the owner of a Maitake Mushroom Grow Block.  The “block” is composed mainly of hardwood sawdust and wood chips bound together with mushroom tissue or “mycelium” contained in a plastic bag.  Mycelium is the white fluffy material covering the outside of the block.  The white mycelium is very delicate and you should avoid touching it as much as possible.  When moving the block, hold onto the top and bottom to minimize damage.  If you wish to delay the fruiting for a few days, place the block in the refrigerator without opening the bag.  The optimum fruiting temperature range is 50-65F.


1. For Maitake to develop you must wait until you notice the “brain-like” primordia formations growing on the surface of the block. Keep block at a stable 70-75F until brain-like formations are at least the size of a golf ball.

2. Expose the block to fresh air by removing excess to bag material. Cut evenly around the bag, approximately 1 inch above the top of the block.  Loosely drape the supplied humidity tent or thin grocery bag over the open top of the block as a humidity tent.  You can safely support the humidity tent with skewers, chopsticks or even wooden pencils poked into the block. You are trying to prevent rapid drying which will stunt or prevent mushroom growth.

3. Set your block on an uplifted platform such as an upside down pie pan on a dinner plate.  This will allow any excess moisture to drain off and collect in the plate, preventing damage to furniture.

4. Locate a place where your block will receive light, but not direct sunlight.  Light is necessary for maitake mushroom development, unlike the common button mushroom which can grow in complete darkness.  Mist the surface of the maitake block and the inside of the humidity tent with water from a spray bottle as often as you think about it.  Several times a day is not too much but at least twice a day is recommended.

5. Maitake grows slowly compared to more fleshy mushrooms.  It may be several weeks before mushroom production really gets going.  As the brain-likeinto “leaves” with a light tan to dark brown color.  Harvested mushrooms should be consumed fresh, or dried and stored in a sealed container for later use.  The Maitake Mushroom Grow Block Kit usually only produces one crop of mushrooms.  Additional mushrooms can sometimes be produced by burying the block outside under the shade of a bush.

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