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Everything Mushrooms info links:


Workshops and Events - Check this page often for a list of upcoming workshops and events. Here you will find our schedule for expos, demonstrations, classes, and other events we will be hosting or attending. 


Mushroom clubs:


Asheville Mushroom Club - We are a diverse group of people whose common interest is to learn about and collect all kinds of fungi and to enjoy eating edible mushrooms we gather in the forest. Others cultivate fungi in their gardens. At our meetings, we hear from experts - many of them club members - about different aspects of fungi identification, folklore, cultivation and culinary preparation.

Cumberland Mycological Society - The Purpose of Our Organization: To promote the enjoyment, study and exchange of information about wild mushrooms in East and Middle Tennessee.

Puget Sound Mycological Society - PSMS, an organization of people interested in mushrooms and mushrooming, which provides support and encouragement for research, education, cultivation, hunting, identifying, and cooking mushrooms.


Mushroom recipes and cooking:


Wild Mushroom Recipes - A great mushroom recipe resource website with information and links about edibility and identification of wild mushrooms.


Blogs we like:


The Fungi Forager - From our favorite East Tennessee mushroom forager! Dr. Whitey Hitchcock presents up to date postings on local findings, fantastic recipies, and a host of insightful information on our favorite forest mushrooms. Recommended regular reading!

The New American HomesteadSustainaible, self-sufficient living in the urban environment.

The Permanent Gardener - an interesting new permaculture blog from John Tullock.

Well-Preserved - A wonderful blog filled with recipies, ideas, suggestions, and musings on preserved foods. From Mycophilia author Eugenia Bone.

The Ethno Herbalist - A professor's studies of the many benefits of mushrooms. 


Interesting links: 


Ecovative Design: EcoCradle - EcoCradle™ packaging is literally grown, not manufactured. We use a growing organism to transform agricultural byproducts like cotton seed hulls and buck wheat hulls into a beautiful protective package. Our patented process is inspired by the efficiency of nature, and uses a filamentous fungi (mushroom roots) to bond this packaging into almost any shape.

Microbial Art - Welcome to Microbial Art, a collection of unique artworks created using living bacteria, fungi, and protists. We are pleased to present this site as an example of the exciting interface between art and science. We also consider this an excellent opportunity to showcase the beauty of organisms that usually go unseen and therefore are often feared (sometimes rightly so) or ignored. We invite you to browse the image galleries and to find out more about the creators of these works — both human and microbial.

Mycophilia - From the author of Mycophilia, Revelations from the Weird World of MushroomsMycophilia.com is a forum for mushroom recipes and links of all sorts: to mushroom clubs, retailers, events, and mycologists’ labs.