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Jessica's new cooking blog, a primer on foraging edible mushrooms from Cathy, and workin' in the garden.


Being in the mushroom world, we are exposed to a lot of fungi enthusiasts. Folks that are passionate about all aspects of mushroom culture: foraging, cultivation, mycoremediation, cooking, health, nutrition, etc. We sometimes find ourselves overlooking the easy things that keep new shroomers from taking the dive and enjoying mushrooms more frequently. This is brought to light when we'll get questions like, "What the hell do I do with all these chanterelles popping up in my yard?"... Got butter and cream?

It's no joke, we've had a wet summer. We're 18 inches above our normal average rainfall. Roads are washing away... but it sure has been a good chanterelle season. It's led to a lot of folks in our store, and on the phone, looking for information about identifying wild mushrooms, picking and selling mushrooms, or just looking for cooking suggestions. We've probably seen five times the amount of picked chanterelles in our store this year. It got us to thinking about a fun and engaging way to bring more folks on board when it comes to enjoying these, and many other fine seasonal mushroom treats. Jessica was asked to prepare a regular blog feature for the website: Jessica's Kitchen Culture... to bring insights and suggestions for mushroom preparation in the kitchen. She's constantly experimenting and testing recipes with our mushroom garden produce, but also enjoying the influx of great foraged edibles. Be sure to check out her first installment: Wild chanterelles and cream over pappardelle.

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With all this wet, and relatively mild weather (it's been in the 80's here for weeks)... we've been enjoying a wonderful summer mushroom season. Loads of edibles, not just chanterelles, are up and prime... the flushes seem to just keep coming! Cathy was also inspired to prepare a short primer on wild mushroom foraging for Cathy's Lab blog. A forward into your first forage for fungal foods presents a good set of rules and guidelines for setting out in the woods. Armed with a few basic identification skills and a good guide book, there are a variety of mushrooms first time foragers can feel fairly confident identifying for the frying pan. However, always remember: Do not consumer ANY wild mushroom until it has been positively identified. Do not rely on just the information found here to identify edible mushrooms. Consult field guides and other websites before eating any foraged mushroom. Always cook foraged mushroom before eating


Work in the demonstration garden continues with Jessica and Cathy pumping out lots of oyster mushroom bags and lion's mane blocks. We're harvesting and delivering weekly to local kitchens and markets while visitors to our store are able to peek in on what it takes to produce specialty mushrooms. If you're in the area, be sure to stop and check out what's shaken in the garden. We're hoping to have more regular photo updates and possibly some time lapse or video feeds, just to keep our online friends in the loop!

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