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Introducing Cathy's Lab, new Kombucha goodies, and info on holiday hours.


Frequent visitors may recall we recently posted and interviewed for new positions at Everything Mushrooms. The fates brought us a tremendous group of applicants, but none more qualified than Cathy Scott. Cathy, who's managed a lab or two in her day... has quickly stepped into the swing of things, taking on the role of Chief Science Officer at our humble little mushroom factory. She's also a tremendous cook and enthusiastic fungal fanatic. We're dedicating a whole new section of web space specifically for Cathy to share her recipes, experiments, trials and tribulations. This little corner of space will be called "Cathy's Lab" and you can find it under the Info Zone menu on the left hand side of your screen. Cathy will be making updates frequently with new recipes, mushroom growing tips, and exciting experiments... so please check back often!

continuous-kombucha-brewing-01.pngWe've also been doing a lot of experimenting with Kombucha tea, attempting secondary fermentations, infusions, etc. Cathy's been creating some nice concoctions, so we should see some great recipes and brewing suggestions from her soon! In the meantime, this has led us to create some more options for our customers looking to brew Kombucha tea. The first is a kit for Continuous Kombucha Brewing - Manchurian Mushroom and Glass Beverage Dispenser. Continuous brewing is easy in these nice wide mouth glass dispensers. When you get low on Kombucha, just add more sweet tea. it'll take a few days of brewing for the SCOBY to ferment the fresh tea addition, but that's it! The dispenser makes it easy to taste the beverage throughout the fermentation cycle, or use it as a base beverage to mix with other juices and drinks. We've also made our Kombucha Starter Culture available in a Kombucha Kit that includes just about everything you need to brew: one half-gallon glass jar, one 90mm filter disc, and starter culture. 

Holiday Hours Update: We're a small shop, with a small staff, and we all love our families... yes, even more than our mushrooms! Unfortunately the stars did not align properly this year for us to have any staff available to man the shop and ship during the Thanksgiving holiday break. As a result, our retail showroom will be closed from Weds-Sat, November 21-24. We will be available for phone orders, and shipping will continue through Weds November 21. We will reopen and commence shipping again on Monday November 26. UPS takes a few days off too, so that also delays shipping during this week. We have restructured our sterilization runs accordingly, so customers will still continue receiving fresh sterilized substrate orders within the normal shipping timeframes. We deeply regret any inconvience this may cause, and hope to hear from you with your order (or see you in our store) before the break, or when we get swingin' again on the other side!