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Holiday hours update and recycling your grow blocks with oyster towers!


So I know we said we'd be closed over the holiday week, but a last minute change in plans has fortunately allowed us to to keep shop some normal shop hours. We will be CLOSED Thursday and Friday, but will be OPEN normal show room hours from 12-4pm on Wednesday and then again on Saturday. Come on down and see us, we have lots of great mushroom gift ideas for your holiday gift planning!

Ever wonder what to do with your mushroom grow kits, or sawdust spawn blocks once they are "done" producing mushrooms? How about recycling them into an exciting outdoor mushroom garden project! This week, Cathy has posted a wonderful write-up about her experiements creating oyster mushroom towers using spent grow blocks and sawdust spawn. The mycelium is still very active, and when given a new source of nutrient it is more than willing to thrive and continue producing tasty. Be sure to check out Cathy's Lab regularly for more interesting experiments, gardening tips, mushroom recipes and more!


Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, our staffing is a little lighter than normal. Please be patient if you are attempting to contact us by email or phone this week. Postal Mail will not move on Thursday, so we will not have any outgoing mail after today. Also, UPS will not perform any Ground deliveries on Thursday or Friday, but Air shipments will be delivered on Friday... as a result of all this, expect some short and minor delays in shipping and package transit for the next few days. Thanks for understanding and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!