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Holiday hours and shipping notices, sparkling ginger kombucha tea and some exciting new kits.


Just a quick note to update y'all on our holiday hours and shipping schedule. Our offices will be closed December 24 and 25, as well as December 31 and January 1. UPS doesn't even really pickup on these days anyway... so as a result, our phone support may be dead, and orders placed over the weekends may be delayed a little until shipping resumes. Our Knoxville showroom will be open during its normal hours for the rest of the month: Wednesday through Saturday from 12 until 4pm. As a side note, we're expecting to expand our showroom hours in the new year to accommodate more of our East Tennessee customers as well as visitors from afar. For the next two weeks, please be patient with email responses, as well as availability for phone support. What little staff we have on hand for the next two weeks will likely be pretty busy trying to stay caught up!

We will also not be producing any sterilzed rye product the week of December 24. All our sterilized rye product is prepared weekly, to customer's order and as a result any orders for sterilized rye based product will be delayed for shipping until the next run is produced on Dec 30th. You can place your order now and be placed in the queue for orders shipping after the New Year's holiday.

Cathy's been busy playing with Kombucha Tea lately. We've tried quite a few wonderful concoctions based on secondary ferments, fruit juice mixes, and most recently this wonderful sparkling ginger kombucha tea. Be sure to check out the latest addition to her Cathy's Lab blog for more information and recipe! For that matter, you really ought to be checking out her blog pretty often, she's producing new entries about twice a month now and has many exciting projects in the works!

bob-enjoying-ginger-kombucha.jpg swing-cap-in-glasses.jpg

Cathy has also been hard at work producing some fun new mushroom kits. For the winter season we're now stocking Enoki Mushroom Block ready to grow kits. These are very easy to produce in the colder winter months, we just leave them out in our chilly-ish warehouse and they start fruiting around 50F. They'll even grow in the fridge! Commercial enoki is produced in clusters with elongated stems, which is easy to reproduce in the bag based grow block we provide in this kit. We're also working with a new (to us) oyster mushroom: Pleurotis cornucopiae. We have a limited amount of "experimental" blocks available for this mushroom, so if you're adventurous or just want a new oyster to play with, check out our Popcorn Oyster Mushroom Grow Blocks

enoki-block-27342.1355950566.1280.1280.jpg popcorn-oyster-75545.1356031391.1280.1280.jpg

As always, have a safe and Happy Holidays! We know a lot of folks out there are going to be enjoying some pretty bizarre and mushroomy goodness as gift recipients!