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Sterilized Rye Mushroom Grow and Spawn Bag w/ injection site - 2lb USE WITHIN 2 DAYS OF RECEIPT

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Made to order, usually ships within 2-5 days.
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Product Description



 Made to order, usually within 1-2 weeks (if you order this product past Monday of the week it will not be cooked until the following week, please keep this in mind). Once ready, your order will ship the next business day. If we do not have a full order to be cooked then you will have to wait until we do, so that could take up to a week-2 weeks. While our PF Tek jars arrive sterilized and free of contaminants, they are still somewhat perishable. MUST inoculate jars within 2 days of receiving your order for best results.


Pre-sterilized un-colonized products such as rye spawn bags, PF Tek jars, and pre-poured plates MUST be used within 2 days of receipt of purchase.

Shipping Information 

This product will be shipped at its freshest to guarantee viability.  Any requests to hold shipping will result in possible damage to product, and no guarantee will be offered in such cases.  Local customers must pick up their orders within two days upon notification.  All sterilized rye is prepared to order and shipped early each week.  However, if orders are low we will wait an additional week to prepare substrates. Our experience in preparing this product has led us to make an informed decision to provide our customers with the freshest possible sterile product. As a result, sterile rye only moves through our sterilizers early in the week to ensure we can ship requested orders no later than Wednesday. We do not hold this product on our shelves. Customers will experience a related delay in shipping. The cut-off for submitting orders to be included in the weekly sterilizing run is Monday at noon EST. Orders placed later in the week will be delayed until the next run of sterilized rye. Sterilized rye is prepared every week, so you will wait 7-14 days before receiving shipment notification (worst case scenario). Thanks for your understanding!

Product Information

Two pounds (or a little more) of sterilized and prepared organic rye berries in a gusseted autoclave bag with self healing injection site and air filter patch. Ready to accept mushroom culture to generate mushroom spawn. More more detailed information, plese see: Sterilized Rye Mushroom Grow Bag Instructions.

Once colonized with mushroom mycelium the rye berry spawn can be used to inoculate bulk substrates, or transferred to more sterilized grains to further expand the mushroom mycelium. In some cases the rye can be utilized as a direct fruiting medium and grow block. 

DO NOT alter, tear away, or remove any portion of the attached white filter patch or the plastic shroud covering the injection site. These must remain intact and unaltered to function properly.

A note on rye sourcing: Our raw organic rye berries are secured immediately after the fall harvest and shipped by the ton to our facility, where they are quickly placed into cold storage. This allows us to ensure the freshest, highest quality grains are procured quickly and cared for properly. Grain sourcing is the single most important factor in ensuring quality substrate preparation and sterilization.

Special Information

Note to local customers: to ensure freshness, most of our sterilized substrates and media are prepared to order. As a result we do not stock these items on our shelves, or place them into cold storage. Rarely, we may have a handful left over from the week's run, but please call ahead of time to ensure we can prepare them for pickup.

Note to International customers: due to increased exposure and potential of longer transit times, we can not extend our standard replacement guarantee to customers receiving this product outside the USA. You may still place an order for and receive this product, but you will receive it "as is," without claim to replacement material should you experience contamination or failure.

Made to order. Rye is prepared and sterilized at the start of each week. Orders placed later in the week may be delayed until fresh material can be prepared on Monday and Tuesday. Please excuse any minor delay in shipping, we want to ensure you get the freshest possible product!

Bulk purchase discounts shown above.  If you are interested in purchasing more than 20 bags at one time, additional shipping charges may be required before shipping due to weight.  Please contact us for more information.  To place an order for 40 or more bags, you must call us at 865-329-7566 to complete your order.

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