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Holiday sale on Bargain Overstock Deals - 500 Packs of Plug Spawn

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Product Description

What's the deal with bargain plug spawn?

So we have this whole cycle of life thing here at Everything Mushrooms, after all we're just caretakers of cultures. We germinate, isolate, spawn, expand and propagate. With the dozens of mushroom varieties we manage, we're constantly working on our fortune telling skills, attempting to predict mushroom grower's demands through the seasons and producing an appropriate amount of spawn on a regular basis to keep it fresh and ready to ship when ordered (not asking our customers to wait weeks like other places...). As a byproduct of proactive spawn production, we'll occasionally end up with material approaching a certain age when... although it's still perfectly healthy and viable, would best to be used soonish or quickly. In an effort to move it along to a happy home, we place this material on our "bargain rack," where it is listed for sale on this page. 

Is this material just old or expired stuff you're trying to sell cheap?

Yes... well, no, kinda sorta. It's aged material, meaning that some plugs may be a couple of months old. While we don't put expiration dates on our material... this stuff would generally be considered to be approaching expiration. Plugs tend to be a pretty stable medium for mycelium, and although it may not be "best" we have seen cultures remain healthy and active on plugs after many months of storage under refrigeration. Cathy supports the idea mycelium benefits from going through the natural cooling cycle of temporary cold storage, so in a way this aged spawn may actually be better. Regardless, we have to say... we use a lot of this aged or aging material in our own demonstration garden with surprisingly good results. That's the straight dope on it... still good to use, maybe not 100%... but if you want to try something new, or like hunting bargains...this is a heck of a deal.

Don't see what you want listed on this page, then we only have our regular "fresh" mushroom plug spawn stuff available for shipping at regular prices. Don't despair, when purchasing in bulk (four or more blocks at a time), you still get a good discount!

What is plug spawn?

Mushroom plug spawn is spiral grooved hardwood dowels infused (inoculated) with a specific mushroom species. The mushroom mycelium (the white, root-like network of cells) colonizes and penetrates the dowels as it consumes the lignins provided by the wood. These plugs are used to inoculate freshly cut hardwood logs, stumps, or rounds to create a fruiting mushroom colony that can produce mushrooms for many years! These colonies are commonly referred to as mushroom logs. After waiting approximately one year from inoculation, a well cared for log will produce mushrooms several times a year, for 3-5 years.

Mushroom logs are fun to make, require little maintenance, and will reliably produce mushrooms for years. Inoculate your own prepared logs using our 5/16in x 1in spiral grooved colonized plug spawn. A pack of 500 plugs is sufficient spawn to successfully inoculate 12+ mushroom logs.

*Add the Plug Kit to your order, and for $10 more you'll receive one pound of red cheese wax, 20 markable metal write-on tags, and two 10cc B-D inoculation syringe (great for waxing holes). All the accoutrements (minus the drill bit) needed to plug your logs. The pound of cheese wax will last through 500+ plugs (12-24 logs) and additional markable metal write-on tags can be purchased separately. 

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