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Great holiday gift ideas and our winter organic rye sale.


The season of gift giving is upon us... whether you're into traditional holiday type stuff, or just enjoy giving to friends and family in celebration of all things wholesome and yummy. If that's the case, then we've certainly got some interesting stuff for you. Hey, who doesn't like getting a nice big piece of East Tennessee white oak incoulated with shiitake mushrooms! (well, it's actually kind of hard to wrap). Unfortunately these mushroom logs are only available for local sale, but for our friends across the globe we've also got loads of neat mushroom grow kits for simple and easy table top mushroom gardening (think "mushroom chia-pet"). For the mushroom enthusiast who already has a host of mushroom books and other goodies, there's also wonderful mushroom photography in Taylor Lockwood's Beautiful Mushrooms of the Year 2013 Calendar as well as these neat little (made in the USA) wooden slide top seceret boxes with mushroom engravings


We've always had a section of our website dedicated to Great Gift Ideas... because gift giving is really an all season's affair. You never know when you might want to pickup a fungi based gift for that mycophile in your life. During this holiday season we've periodically updated, or changed out many of these items to reflect recent arrivals, neat gifting opportunities, or seasonally available goodies. Please check it often for things to tickle your fancy.

Every year about this time, I look at the remaining supply of our seasonal organic rye harvest and think, "it's time for this rye to move on..." Our current inventory of raw organic rye berries originates from fall 2011 harvest. We exercise great care sourcing and shipping our rye, maintaining it under refrigeration 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We take every precaution available ensuring freshness and cleanliness to extend the usefulness of this product as a spawn media. It's time for us to order in the next round of rye, but we still have a good bit of inventory to clear out from last year's harvest. This rye is still PERFECTLY suitable for spawn production, and will likely last another 3-6 months if stored properly. In an effort to free up some space in the walk-in, we're BLOWING OUT this rye to make way for the next shipment. Discounted over 40%-off standard retail price! Supplies are limited to the current stock, and once it's gone we'll be ordering in the new harvest and prices will return to normal levels. Don't delay! Sale price is applied to 5lb bags as well as 25lb sacks.