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Our Newsletter

Everything Mushrooms is throwing down some roots!



We've had an exciting week! This previous Saturday we were very fortunate to place the winning bid at an absolute auction to purchase the building we currently lease on Sevier Avenue in South Knoxville. This will allow Everything Mushrooms to throw down some roots and really get comfortable. We're excited for the opportunites! We're also excited to become a permanent part of a wonderful community, and hope the energy and spirit we bring to our pursuits helps in any way possible to improve our environment. Look for new and exciting things coming out of the mushroom shop!

One such project on the short list is the establishment of our outdoor demonstration mushroom garden. This garden is designed to showcase mushroom growing and cultivation techniques, demonstrating proper installation and care of mushroom logs and mushroom patches. We will also be hanging a few oyster mushroom bags in our shadehouse and showcasing other popular mushroom gardening techniques and procedures. 


This week found us cleaning up and prepping our raised garden beds. These wonderful large stone beds were laid for us by our good friend Dave Curry. They offer two large planting areas, with two smaller stepped planters. The two large beds will be planted with vegetables in the larger North Bed (gets more sun), and we'll put ornamentals in the smaller South Bed (much more shade). We have two large round planters as well. One will get an ornamental tree, probably a Japanese Maple... under which we plan a Japanese themed mushroom block bed featuring maitake mushrooms. All the beds are filled with fresh topsoil and compost mixture. We had a lone survivor from last year, so we just tilled around her!

Veggies and ornamenals will be installed over the next week or two, with mushroom patch blocks and wood chip beds going in shortly thereafter. We want to get them in before it gets too warm. Then we'll turn our attention to filling out our shade house with oyster mushrooms, and possibly expanding into an outdoor greenhouse that can be controlled for seasonal mushroom block production (shiitake, enoki, lion's mane, etc).

If you're local, come on down and check out the progress! If you're not-so-local, keep your eye on our website for new updates, pictures, instrucstionals, videos, etc... all made possible by the work we'll be doing in this demonstration garden.