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Enoki Mushroom Grow Block Kit Instructions


Congratulations, you are now the owner of a Enoki Mushroom Grow Block.  The “block” is composed mainly of hardwood sawdust and wood chips bound together with mushroom tissue or “mycelium” contained in a plastic bag.  Mycelium is the white fluffy material covering the outside of the block.  The white mycelium is delicate and you should avoid touching it as much as possible.  When moving the block, hold onto the top and bottom to minimize damage.  Enoki is a cold weather mushroom, and will often grow while refrigerated. You’ll want to start this kit ASAP.  The optimum fruiting temperature range is 40-50F.


1. Enoki mushrooms will begin growing from the surfaces of your block if the bag is maintained at 40-50F for 7-14 days. The bag does not need to be opened. The mushrooms will begin in clusters from the top of the block, but you may also notice mushrooms forming against the sides of the bag (this is OK).

2. Locate a place where your block will receive light, but not direct sunlight.  Light is necessary for mushroom development, unlike the common button mushroom which can grow in complete darkness.  To limit mushroom formation on the sides of the bag (where it can be difficult to harvest), place the block into a similarly sized box, or mask the bottom portion to void light reaching the sides of the block (a key factor in stimulating mushroom growth) .

3. Enoki are desired for their tall, skinny stems and small caps. The highly restrictive airflow environment air of the bag is ideal for producing tall/skinny enoki mushrooms. This is a biproduct of co2 buildup. Even in cool temperatures, the mushrooms should grow to maturity within 10-14 days. Mushrooms are mature and ready for harvest as soon as the cap begins to open and spread, exposing the gills.

3. Harvest mushrooms by opening the bag near the top, reaching into the bag and twisting the mushrooms off of the block near the base of the stems. A small amount of sawdust may pop off too, this is OK and can be cleaned off later. Mushrooms growing along the sides of the bag may be difficult to harvest, but can be reached by slicing the bag lengthwise and peeling them from the surface. They might be a little smushed, but they are perfectly tasty and edible. Harvest all the mushrooms from a block at the same time.

5. To stimulate additional fruitings. Close or reseal your bag as best as possible, add a little moisture by misting the interior of the bag before closing. Maintain 40-50F and wait 2-3 weeks for the next round of mushrooms. You’ll enjoy several croppings over the life of your block. For additional mushroom production, the blocks can be used or recycled into hardwood mulch or chipped wood beds outdoors.

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