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Cyber Monday sale, new notes from Cathy's Lab, upcoming workshops, and gearing up for the holidays!


Well, it's "Cyber Monday" y'all... but they tell us most of the deals were already on the table last week during "Grey Thursday" and "Black Friday." Oh well... we may have missed out, I guess that's what we get for being "old school." Regardless, we're still going to do a short and sweet flash sale, just to keep things interesting. Until midnight Tuesday Dec , we're discounting all our Mushroom Grow Kits by 25%! Here's a great way to try some fun fungal projects on the super cheap... they make good gifts too.


ABOVE: Hypsizygus ulmarius, white elm oyster growing from our Mushroom Grow Kit. 

There are a handful of questions we get frequently, usually from folks calling in, and they're fairly predictable. Most are the type of questions anyone new or curious about mushrooms and mushroom cultivation would think to ask. We love filling folks in and pointing them in the right direction to learn more, but there are some questions that require a bit more explanation... prompting Cathy to take a little extra time and address them property and permanently in some web space on her blog, Cathy's Lab.

One such inquiry is something like: what is the "p value" of our mushroom cultures and mycelium? It's a difficult question to answer, because P-value refers to the significance level in a statistical test... and we know this isn't what folks are asking about. What they are generally seeking, is an answer that points to the health, vigor, and genetic potential of the mushroom culture or strain they are ordering. Cathy explains it much better in her most recent update: Passage numbers and "p value."

passage-2.jpg petri-plates-on-shelf.jpg

In December, our workshop series will be showcasing classes featuring some DIY home mushroom classics. On Thursday Dec 5 at 6pm we'll be demonstrating how to grow shiitake mushrooms from hardwood logs. This is a fun, hands-on workshop in which each student will learn the techniques for drilling and inoculating freshly cut hardwood logs with mushroom spawn. After a year of incubation, these mushroom log swill produce 'shrooms for many years. The $35 fee covers the instructional time and materials and each participant will be making a log to take home to add to their garden (logs make great gifts too!). On Thursday Dec 21 we will be discussing all things related to the much venerated kombucha tea. We'll talk about brewing this easy to make probiotic, flavorings, carbonation, and kombucha mixology. The $35 fee covers materials and each student will take home their own kombucha mother (scoby's make great gifts too!).

shiitake-01-09.13.11.jpg kombucha-04.jpg

We're also ramping up for the holidays in mushroom land. Fresh mushroom grow kits and mushroom spawn are being produced each week to fill the increased demand from holiday shoppers. Show your friends and family that you are a savvy gift giver. After all, who doesn't like fresh 'shrooms?! Check out our Great Gift Ideas Section for more interesting mushroom gift ideas. May we suggest this really stunning Beautiful Mushrooms of the World 2014 Calender? We ship daily and list only items that are in stock and ready to roll!