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We've updated the spring workshop calendar, yummy lasagna from Jessica's Kitchen, and fun new Bear's Head Tooth kits.

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Although it's hard to believe, spring is on the way. We've seen our share of low temps this winter, but not nearly as bad as some of you out there. We're staying positive, because before you know it we'll be kicking around in the woods looking for morels and this crappy winter will be an afterthought. Looking ahead to warming weather, we've planned out most of our spring workshop series. Check our  Workshop and Events page for more details. Tickets to any workshop can be purchased in advance. We may fill in with some more classes, so be sure to check this page regularly for updates.


One of our most successful workshops from the 2013 series featured a teaching session followed by a wonderful catered mushroom dinner, prepared and served by our very own Jessica Hammonds. Jessica put together a wonderful  creamy porcini lasagna that evening, and recently took the time to write up her recipe with pictures and thoughtful commentary for her most recent blog entry to Jessica's Kitchen Culture. Check it out, it's quite yummy!


This past fall, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a nice find of  Hericium americanum, the Bear's Head Tooth mushroom. I passed it while riding on the local single track trails in our Urban Wilderness and went back the following day to collect. Prime samples were taken to Cathy in our lab and she was able to clone and isolate a wonderful fruiting strain from this collection. This strain is available as 10cc liquid culture, or as culture on petri dish or slant. However, the biggest shocker for this strain came in a recent grow/taste test. When grown side by side with our other Hericium, the Lion's Mane mushroom kits, it produced every bit as well, if not a little bigger mushrooms. Fruiting was quick and easy, just as the case with Lion's Mane. However, tasting the mushrooms side by side most folks preferred the flavor and cooked consistency of the Bear's Head mushrooms. That's saying a lot, because Lion's Mane is a house favorite! As a result, we've decided to move this strain into production as a Bear's Head Tooth Mushroom (Hericium aericanum) - Ready to Grow Kit. Either way, you can't go wrong, so we are continuing to sell both. Enjoy or grow them side by side and see for yourself!