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Blog - mushroom hat

It's a new year, we have new mushroom hats in stock and a spawn sale is in full swing!


It's a new year and time to hit the ground running! We're gearing up for a fantastic spring mushroom season, planning new cultivation projects, expanded availability of mushroom plug spawn, and hosting whole new workshop series. We're also excited to be exploring some new cultures this year, working with some interesting and seasonal varieties to spice up what's available in our Ready to Grow Kits.

There are a couple of recent addition to our catalog in the realm of mushroom apparel and accessories; the Homburg and Fedora style amadou mushroom hats from Romania. Mako Csaba sent us some really neat new styles, along with fresher and more updated versions of the standard amadou Cap. We're receiving more hats in the "larger" size... which means, that at least for the Homburg and Fedora style hats, we are offering them as "one size fits all"... meaning these particular styles fit our rather average to large sized American skulls just fine. The Caps will continue to be offered in multiples sizes for the time being, but we may eventually get to a "small" and "large" size for these, in an effort to keep sizing decisions as simple as possible.


LEFT: Fedora style amadou hat                                RIGHT: Homburg style amadou tinder fungus hat

Mako also sent along some new small size amadou mushroom bags. These are the smallest of three bag sizes we offer, and new to the catalog. They don't fit much... think of them like a small ladies clutch purse... but maybe a little bigger. All three sizes are pretty stunning, but keep in mind that these are more decorative than functional. These bags are handmade from felted fungus. They tend to be delicate and are better suited for occasional use. They will not stand up well to frequent use and harsh conditions. Here in Tennessee we would call this a Sunday going to meetin' purse. We're thinking the bags could probably be made a bit more functional with a slightly upgraded strap, maybe leather or other cloth material. We're in talks with Mako to see if this would be possible in the future, but for now we'll be happy with our 100% amadou mushroom bags!


SPAWN SALE: We've got a bit of spawn approaching that "point." You know... the point where it's still perfectly sound, healthy, and ready to use... but getting on towards where it really needs to find a happy home in some straw, a log, or a pile of wood chips. For this reason, we'll be marking some of our plug spawn, sawdust spawn blocks, and even a few varieties of Ready to Grow Mushroom Kits at sale pricing until we clear out some of this "older" stock. Don't get me wrong, it's not expired... but it is being sold cheap. If you prefer fresher material and want to pay full price, give us a call or shoot us an email, we'll make that happen! However, these items will be marked down while supply (overstock) lasts, and prices for each variety will return to normal as we get into the freshly released stuff. I suspect the sale pricing on many of these items will last at least a week or two, but don't delay, check the pages to see what's cheap and available to ship today!


This spring will feature more mushroom cultivation and cooking workshops. This time, we're hoping to solicit the help of area experts and even offer some mushroom identification and classification workshops. As new instructors join our loop, more dates will be posted, so please be sure to check our pages regularly, or better yet... sign up for our email announcement newsletter to receive the latest and greatest info on a semi-regular, but not highly annoying, basis. If we cross the line, you can always remove yourself, it won't hurt our feelings... we understand.


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