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New Amadou Hat

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Amadou is a material that is made from Fomes Fomentarius - Tinder fungus or Horse Fungus. It is a spongy material that has soft fibers of Fomes fomentarius, it was used by ancient people as tinder to light fires. It is highly flammable and catches sparks well. The whole mushroom was often used as a smoldering coal to transport fire. Tinder Fungus was found in the fire kit carried by Frozen Fritz the Otzi Iceman mummy found in the alps. Material made with amadou is flammable, keep it away from sparks and open flame! Craftsmen in Romania use it to make different types of  handmade hats and other unique artisan crafts. This craft has been handed down from families for generations in Korond Romania. Korond is the last place in Europe where this rare craft is still being produced. These are handmade and shipped to us from the wonderful Craftsman Mako Csaba. Each one is hand crafted so please allow for variation in color, shape, and size. The hats are very soft, with stiff brims and retain their shape nicely. They should not be submerged, but can stand a little water. Here at Everything Mushrooms we all have average to large size American heads. We have found these hats fit all of us pretty well, with the sizes approximately at 22-23 inches. Customer will be charged shipping costs and $20 re-stocking fee for exchanges. Not one of these look alike, each hat has its own personality so please consider this when ordering this product.