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Our Newsletter

March updates us with new store hours, fresh locally sourced mushroom cultures, and neat glass mushroom charms.

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Spring is coming! We've seen the snow melt, the rains are here, and soon we should glimpse the first signs of morel mushrooms. The season brings some other changes for us as well. To start, we're modifying our weekday hours. Beginning this week, our Knoxville showroom and phone ordering support will be open and available Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. Our showroom will also remain open from noon to 5pm on Saturday.

Cathy has also been hard at it in the lab, working with regionally collected biomass to provide more varied and interesting cultures to our collection. One that we are particularly excited about is a local wild winter oyster collection from East Tennessee.  This Pleurotus ostreatus variety we are calling the "Winter Tree Oyster" to distinguish it from our other collections. Tests show this as an aggressive colonizer and abundant fruiter. We encourage growers looking for a cooler weather oyster to explore this variety, which should be available as sawdust block spawn very soon. Cathy has also worked up a locally collected Armillariella mellea, the edible and slightly bio-luminescent, honey mushroom. This is a parasite, we will not release it in any form but as a culture on plate. Please read the full description for more info and the applicable warnings.

LEFT: Winter Tree Oyster                                                        RIGHT: Honey Mushroom

We're also blessed to have some of the neatest, and nicest crafters working in our wonderful corner of the world. We recently started receiving these great, one of a kind, hand blown glass mushroom pendants from a local artist. She brings us a new lot about every six weeks. The pieces are all unique, and the pictures we have displayed show a representation of what is available. They are available in two sizes;  Large Glass Mushroom Pendants, and Small Glass Mushroom Pendants. These make excellent gifts!

LEFT: Large Glass Mushroom Pendants                                RIGHT: Small Glass Mushroom Pendants