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Introducing Culture Club with a Kiki on Kombucha, and check out new inexpensive "Cathy's Choice" culture syringes.

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It's no lie, we've a fun place to work and explore new things. While a lot of our work can be smelly, shroomy, and sometimes slimy and gross... much of what we do involves investigating new ways to educate our customers and clients about the products we make and the mushrooms we promote. As part of this, we are usually exploring new ways to turn people on to the intriquing, interesting, and capitvating world of fungi. To help accomplish this goal, the decidedly colorful duo Zak and Jessica have created Culture Club.

So what is it? Here's what they have to say about it: Culture Club is the hottest new social club in town. Come mix and mingle with Knoxville’s eclectic intelligentsia for an evening of education and libation. Each event combines science-based fun with food, live music, and conversation. Culture Club takes your weekend out of the bars and rounds up a crowd of a different calibre. So dress your best, and raise your glass to an evening fete that is truly out-of-the-ordinary.

We will be hosting these events every few months, generally in our shop at 1004 Sevier Ave, Knoxville TN 37920... but it may pop around town. Check back with us regularly, or join their mailing list to receive updates.

For the premier Culture Club event, we're Having a Kiki About Kombucha. Could it be true what the ancient Chinese said? "It'll make you strong as an ox, with the eyes of an eagle and the youthful vigor of a spring chicken." Kombucha, the so-called "Manchurian Mushroom,” has enjoyed a great deal of popularity lately, yet it’s not really a mushroom at all. Join us for a fun and educational evening of drinks and hors d'oerves; make your own delicious kombucha soda and maybe meet someone new. Let's have a Kiki about Kombucha, $5 gets you in the door and we'll send you home with something fun.

Ramen bird nests with glazed shiitake, red peppers, and spiced cashews. Finished in hoisin and chili-garlic sauce. Just one of the hors d'oeuvres being served this Saturday at Culture Club's Kiki About Kombucha.

Additionally, we're adding something new to the roster in the way of mushroom cultures. Cathy is the mycelium caretaker, and she sure has her hands full! Sometimes she has too many cultures stacking up and they need to go, so we're giving them a way to get out of here in the form of  half-price, reduced cost "Cathy's Choice" culture syringes.

For these syringes, mycelium is grown on a nutrient broth and suspended in a 10cc syringe. The material is kept living and stable under refrigeration, however it is not infinitely shelf-stable. To keep things fresh, Cathy is tasked with letting some of them go as part of this special. As a result they sell a little quicker, fresher inventory can be moved in and our customers get a fun way to collect and explore new mushroom strains.

What will I receive? You'll receive cultures from our standard inventory, the same bins from which other customers are paying $18 per syringe. In this case, however, you'll be receiving a culture that may be near expiration or particularly overstocked. So here's a hint... do not buy extra syringes from this special with the intention of storing them for later use. What you will receive is still healthy, guaranteed clean and vigorous... it just won't be for much longer. The selection will rotate constantly and there is no way we can tell you ahead of time what you will receive (that's part of the reason they are reduced price). If multiple syringes are purchased as part of this reduced price special, we will make an effort to send you different species or strains for a more diverse selection, however this cannot be guaranteed. Your cultures will be properly labeled and you'll know what they are when you receive the order.