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Dr. Whitey joins the team, Cathy has some pointers for pouring petri dishes, local Farmers' Market, and bargain mushroom kits.

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It's impossible to express how excited we are to have Dr. Whitey Hitchcock joining the team at Everything Mushrooms. Folks in our area will recognize Whitey from his time at the  Market Square Farmers' Market, selling locally foraged wild mushrooms. Whitey knows mushrooms and has the drive to learn more about them and teach others... it is inspiring. Local folks can visit with Whitey every Monday as he keeps the store open from noon until 6pm. Come chat about mushrooms, or just bring in your finds from the weekend and he'll help you with identification. Whitey also has his own mushroom blog; The Fungi Forager - Food and Art... we've linked to and recommended it to others for a while now. If you are are a mushroom hunter, you should be reading Whitey's blog. Be sure to add it to your reading list and check out the flattering post he made about joining our team.

ABOVE: Dr. Whitey Hitchcock with a good Sparrasis score!

Cathy pours a lot of  petri plates, Cathy pours a lot of petri plates... say it fast six times. Really, she does. It is the core of our process, as we keep dozens upon dozens of cultures in rotation each week. Pouring clean petri dishes is science, just maybe not rocket science. In fact, it's one of the first basic biological lab skills students learn. We get a lot of questions from mushroom growers who are interested in "taking the leap" to agar and doing tissue cultures on their own. It can be a rewarding experience, and in the most recent installment of Cathy's Lab, Cathy takes some time to offer pointers and suggestions on how to mix, sterilize, and pour clean petri plates. If tissue culturing is something you're interested in exploring, please take a moment to survey some of the easy pre-packaged agar culturing kits we have available, offering all the tools you need for varying degrees of execution.


LEFT: PDA should be measured on aluminum foil or wax paper.        RIGHT: Poured under aseptic conditions 

This year you can catch us every Saturday, starting May 3 through November 22 at the Knoxville Market Square Farmers' Market. Market runs from 9am until 2pm and we will have a host of wonderful things to check out over the season. We will be featuring locally grown mushrooms... and by local, they had to make the grueling 1.5 mile trip from our South Knoxville facility to market in the heart of downtown Knoxville! We'll also have a variety of fun and exciting mushroom grow kits, foraged wild mushrooms (many provided by Dr. Whitey!), mushroom spawn for your garden, kombucha starters and much more. The Market Square Farmer's Market is the premier outdoor weekly farmer's market in the region, you will not be disappointed. Please come see us and the many other wonderful vendors, and put some local food on your table.


We've also just about got a handle on managing the bargain rack with the addition of a Bargain Overstock Deals - Mushroom Grow Kits page. This is where you will want to peek in frequently for mushroom kits that are nearing expiration. Get a nice $5 discount, and a still perfectly good mushroom kit. Don't forget about our other Bargain Overstock Deals on mushroom sawdust spawn blocks and 100 packs of plug spawn.