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Boost your garden and save on our bargain oyster blocks!

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We have a few Elm and Mediterranean Oyster blocks in the bargain bin just in time for Spring planting!  Oysters will make your garden grow healthier, larger plants!  

Check out Cathy's Blog here for more information:  http://everythingmushrooms.com/blog/eggplant-and-elm-oysters-made-in-the-partial-shade/

Planting Morel Mushrooms with EM's Landscape Black Morel Spawn

The Everything Mushrooms Landscape Black Morel Spawn is composed of a recently described species of morel - Morchella importuna. In a paper by Kuo, et al (2012) they explain the importuna “epithet means “assertive” or “inconsiderate” in character; the species often is the cause of consternation and distress among gardeners and homeowners whose territory has been invaded”. They go onto explain M. importuna [...]

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Kombucha Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit flies love the smell of fruit, right? Maybe they love the fermentation products of the fruit [1,2,3]?Possibly they really love to eat the yeast [4], and bacteria [5] that eat the fruit. Or are they attracted to the pheromones of the female fruit fly that is eating the fruit [6]?As it turns out, they are attracted to all [...]

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A Shocking Logs Blog

Mushroom logs require patience. But if it has been close to a year after the plug date on a log, and there is no growth, it is time to take action. Shocking your logs will wake up your Shiitake logs within a week while Oyster logs may take up to one month.  This log gave us a big [...]

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​Sourdough; A Wheat Bread Tolerated by the Gluten Sensitive?

When I first heard gluten antigens were “deativated” in sourdough bread I was quite intrigued. After all, it makes sense. Given enough time bacteria and yeast will multiply and eat most of the protein in the process, including gluten.Full disclosure; it didn't work. My gluten sensitive friends had their normal negative, albeit somewhat diminished, reaction to eating [...]

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Oyster Towers - recycling your grow blocks

After a few mushroom harvests from your oyster mushroom grow kit or oyster mushroom sawdust spawn block, it can take on a new life outdoors. You can mix the blocks with woody yard waste to grow more tasty mushrooms!You will need: fresh hardwood chips, clean straw or sawdustcardboard hog wire fencing grow kit or sawdust spawn block of king, phoenix, blue or pearl oyster mushrooms Find a location that is completely [...]

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​Epiparasites the Freddie the Freeloader of Plants

Epiparasites the Freddie the Freeloader of PlantsDo you have friend(s) that always shows up for the potluck empty-handed,  or they surprise you by showing up for dinner unannounced? You keep them around because they are fun, and their devil-may-care attitude can distract you from the rigors of life. There are actually plants like that too. Captivating plants like Squawroot, [...]

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Eggplant and Elm Oysters: Made in the Partial Shade

The benefits of growing mushrooms in your garden go much deeper that you might first realize. Not only will you be growing two food crops in the same space, but they have synergistic and beneficial effects on one another. Physically,the straw and woodchips used to grow the mushrooms act as mulch layer that keeps you plants moist and weeds [...]

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Think like a Fungus: Using Observations of the Natural World and Evolution to Grow More Mushrooms

When faced with the challenges of growing mushrooms, it can be helpful to look at natural habitat of the mushroom species to figure out what condition might be adversely effecting them. Simple observations of the natural world can be a powerful tool to understand what might be helpful in optimizing your growing parameters. Whether you are a professional grower or [...]

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Catch Morel Fever!

Here in Tennessee, morels will make their appearance the last few weeks in March or the first few weeks in April. Morel hunting is the perfect activity for enjoying the outdoors this beautiful time of year. Not only will the fresh air and activity invigorate you, but you will feel like a kid on a treasure [...]

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