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Black morel mushroom culture and spawn patches available, summer dates to catch us at the Market Square Farmers' Market.


Unfortunately our morel mushroom season was cut a little short by unseasonably warm temps early in April. However, we did manage to accomplish one major goal while the little land fish were up. We successfully obtained culture of locally harvested black morel mushrooms! Cathy was also able to work up some of the yellows, and "tulip" morels... but they seem to need a little bit more time in the lab before they are ready. The black morel (Morchella angusticeps) however, has been performing well. Low passage number plates are currently available, as well as colonized blocks of sawdust spawn, or small grow patch kits

Prepare bed by digging an eight inch hole in shaded well drained location. Fill with four to six inches of soaked, freshly chipped hardwood or hardwood shavings. Layer in bits and pieces of mushroom spawn. Cover loosely with fresh mulch or forest litter.  Morel mushrooms can also be grown in conjunction with apple and poplar trees or forest beds (directions included with spawn).  Areas where morel mushrooms are found locally are more likely to have success growing black morels outdoors from spawn.  Even in good conditions morel spawn might not fruit for years after planting.

For additional information on growing morels please check out "Mycelium Running : How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets.

**Successful morel cultivation depends on a narrow range environmental conditions for growth, for this reason we cannot guarantee fruit body development from the black morel spawn block.**


We're also very excited to have been accepted to participate in the Knoxville Market Square Farmers' MarketWe'll be down there the SECOND saturday of every month, bringing exciting stuff from our shop just across the river in South Knoxville. Wares will include mushroom grow kits, plug spawn for making mushroom logs, fresh mushrooms (when available), and much more. Jessica or Bob will be holding the fort, so please stop by and say "hi" and bring your mushroom gardening questions... we got answers!