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Appalachian mushroom bread and new gizmos in the shop


In the latest installment of Cathy's Lab, Cathy shows us her take on a traditional baked good with roots in Appalachia. Pepperoni rolls were a lunch favorite of Italian coal miners in northern Appalachia. Rolled pepperoni breads were a hearty lunch that didn't need refrigeration. They are tightly packed which made them easy to carry around during a hard days work. Cathy's recipe replaces the pepperoni with protein rich mushrooms to make a satisfying and delicious bread roll... bread rolls so good they didn't even make it to the mushroom shop from Cathy's home kitchen.


In her recipe, Cathy made use of a surprise winter crop of phoenix oyster mushrooms grown from burlap sacks in her garden. I suspect these rolls would be as good with just about any savory shroom, and we're looking forward to the next round of shiitakes from our mushroom logs to give it a go with something different. Hopefully we'll get to taste test them here at the shop... Cathy?

Cathy has also been tremendously busy in the lab producing healthy spawn and expanding our selection of available species in plugs, sawdust, and liquid culture. New material is coming online pretty much on a weekly basis these days, so while we are doing our best to update and maintain news announcements here on the webspace, we also highly recommend y'all consider signing up for our email newsletter. We'll be using this tool more frequently in the coming months for product announcements, helpful tips, and seasonally appropriate suggestions.

We've finally managed to find and stock a decent impulse sealer to support those using autoclave bags for mushroom spawn and block preparation. We've used all manner of sealers over the years and have settled on these units, which feature a 12 inch long element (wide enough for any of our bags) and a 5mm wide seal. That's the important part right there, a 5mm seal. Most of the available impulse sealers have a 2-3mm seal, which is just good enough to do the job when it comes to sealing autoclave bags. However, we find the 5mm wide seal to be superior in reliabiy producing air-tight, completely sealed bags. Furthermore, we're able to offer our 5mm sealer at the same price, if not cheaper than our competitors, who all use the narrower 2-3mm seal. Everything Mushrooms, For The Win! We also have replacement teflon and sealing elements, so you can easily service and repair your sealers to keep them running like new and in working order for many years.


We're also rounding out our selection of replacement parts for All American brand pressure cookers and sterilizers. We've generally kept a few of the more important items on hand and available for purchase, but with these new additions we should be able to service just about all the common replacement parts for these units. Keep in mind, we have access to special order ANY and ALL parts for these canners and sterilizers, so if you need something and don't see it listed, please contact us and we'll get you sorted!