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Ample rain from late summer storms have fungus in full bloom


shiitake-02-09.12.jpgIt looks like the soaking rains from the likes of Hurricane Irene as well as reminents of Tropical Storm Lee are making conditions very ideal for wild mushroom harvests all up and down the east coast. NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday is reporting abundant wild mushroom fruitings in the Northeast. Harvests are so abunant as to even gardner a segment on NPR's Talk of the Nation. On the other hand, the Huffington Post is also reporting that these same ideal mushroom distribution and fruiting conditions will also bode well for a bumper crop of funkadelic fungi.

Either way, we wanted to make mention of this. If you have mushroom patches or mushroom logs working, get out and check 'em. We pulled a nice little late-summer crop from our logs just last week. If things have been mild and wet where you are, it might be worth lacing up the hiking boots and getting out to check some of the good wild mushroom spots. We always love seeing our customer's wild mushroom hunting photos and would love to repost them in the blog (with your permission).